Pest Control

If you don’t have the time or ability to research a pest control problem in your Wichita home, and safely apply the appropriate procedures and materials to control it, you may want to hire a pest control service to do the job for you. Although professional services may seem costly, the investment may be worth it to solve a serious problem.

At Superior Home Services Inc., we have access to some products not available in retail stores. The key to effective pest control is understanding the biology of the target pest. After a comprehensive site inspection and conversation with the client, we generate a plan of action to eliminate and prevent the problem.

We understand all too well the negative impact that common pest control services have on people, pets and the environment, which is why our Inspectors are Kansas State Certified and trained thoroughly to inspect the building inside and out. We identify all areas where a target pest problem exists or might exist. Rather than looking for just one pest that you may have noticed, our Inspectors make sure a problem that could occur tomorrow is identified, and brought to your attention, today.

The One Spark Foundation

SHSI is dedicated to Better Service, Better Quality for a Superior Life. Our passion is helping others, providing jobs and training to our team, and to fostering a community that helps those in need. One of the ways in which we do this is by donating all of our profits to the One Spark Foundation, to help fund their mission.

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Integrated Pest Management

In Pest Control we use a process called integrated pest management (IPM), which is the foundation of successful pest control.
  • Identify the pest and gather information about the infestation
  • Choose the best method of control for the situation
  • Communicated plan with our client
  • Our Kansas State Certified Green Team goes to work effectively eliminating and preventing the target pest

We Love Animals

They live anywhere they want to live outside of our home and in our yards.
  • Bees can sting children
  • Asian Tiger Mosquitoes can carry disease
  • New mosquitoes are aggressive all day
  • Animals can get trapped in crawlspaces
  • Roaches.

Pest Control Services

Once our plan has been thoroughly communicated and agreed upon with our client, Our Kansas State Certified Green Team goes to work effectively eliminating and preventing the target pest.
  • Complete Termite & Pest Control Services with Accurate Reports
  • Mosquito Reduction Programs
  • Control and Removal of Ants & Bees
  • Rodent Control and Exclusion
  • Eradication and Control of Roaches, Fleas, and Bed Bugs
  • Stinging Insect Eradication and Control
  • Bird Control
  • Saturday Service Available

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