Gutter Cleaning Services

Clean gutters are essential to life and beauty of your home and its surroundings. Ensure your gutters are cleaned at least twice a year.

The One Spark Foundation

SHSI is dedicated to Better Service, Better Quality for a Superior Life. Our passion is helping others, providing jobs and training to our team, and to fostering a community that helps those in need. One of the ways in which we do this is by donating all of our profits to the One Spark Foundation, to help fund their mission.

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Benefits of cleaning your gutters

Like changing the oil on your car or replacing your home's air filter, having your gutters cleaned regularly and protect the value and the lifespan of your home.
  • Proud Installers of Leaf Free Gutter Products
  • Lessens the risk of roof damage
  • Keeps pests out and prevents them from nesting
  • Prevents damage to fascia
  • Prevents cracks in the foundation
  • Prevent risk of water spilling over and creating puddles or over-watering garden beds

Why We Care

Other than it simply being the Right thing to do.
  • Proper drainage removes water from your home or business foundation
  • Keep water from rising back up into your roof and into your house
  • Clogged gutters are mosquito hatcheries
  • Water flowing over your gutters erodes the land
  • Keep your home looking good

Gutter Cleaning Services Services

Gutter Cleaning Services in Wichita
  • Two Person Crew
  • Clean Gutters of debris, dirt, and leaves
  • Clear Downspouts
  • Complete Lawn Maintenance
  • Clean Debris Off Roof and Valleys
  • Clean Yard and Driveway

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